"Colours" live-stream release show

Grab a ticket to the live-stream release show for the new single "Colours"!

Saturday, December 12th, 2020
1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern / 10pm CET 

(A replay WILL be available, in case you can't make it during the live-stream, or simply want to watch it again afterward!)

Ticket-holders will receive an email within the 24 hours prior to the concert containing a link to where to tune in online at show time.

During this celebration of the newest single "Colours," G.T. Thomas will: 

  • Perform a set at her standard one-woman-band rig, consisting of voice, Korg Volca Drum, Minilogue, and electric bass 
  • Perform a set that incorporates her semi-modular synthesizers (the Moog Mother 32s) 
  • At the end of the performance, G.T. Thomas will include a more casual, "Behind the Production" segment (approx.  10 min. long) where she explains a little about her rig and how she approached this performance. In this time, she will check to see if you've been asking questions during the show and will field some of these! This is going to be a very special opportunity to discover new tricks and perspectives about arranging and electronic music, directly from someone working within the very rare field of "simulti-instrumentalism" (playing more than one instrument at once).

A ticket for this kind of combination "G.T. Thomas performance + Behind the Production talk" will almost certainly never be available for this low a price again, so give yourself the gift of getting in on this performance by grabbing a ticket!

"Colours" Release Show Ticket
  • "Colours" Release Show Ticket
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"Colours" Release Show Ticket


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On the day of the live-stream release show (Dec 12, 2020), you'll be emailed the secret link for the single release show live-stream. See show details at gtthomas.com/shop – Would you consider inviting a friend to buy a ticket and attend with you? You know how musical experiences are more fun with pals! ;)

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You know how musical experiences are more fun with pals... wouldn't you like to invite a friend to buy a ticket and attend this show with you? Thank you!