About G.T. Thomas

Hey, I'm Gwen Thomas. Or as my dad once wrote on my middle school gym shirt for me: "G.T. Thomas." 

If you're new to me and my music, you may not know that I've been a professional musician since 1999. I get to be involved in really cool stuff from time to time – from my work with award-winning artists like Fleet Foxes, The Metropole Orchestra, and members of Steely Dan, the B-52s, and more... right down to my intimate, live performances as a singing/ songwriting bassist with my weird little songs (sometimes with optional nouveau lounge trio), or my solo synthesizer expeditions

You can explore my musical work all over this website! Interesting note, however:

The music work I do is not an end. 

 It’s the means.

Rather than live life as a recording or performing artist with a primary goal of having my music heard by as many people as possible... first and foremost, I’m a musically-inclined person who is interested in being a creative companion. Connected. Feeling the awe and wonder generated during the creative process as deeply as possible, as often as possible is what I'm after, and if other people get to enjoy it with me (e.g., collaborators, audience), all the better.

For me, nothing beats getting into that mysterious, transformative creative space where ideas are being grasped out of thin air and put into some form. And –in terms of "what" for form– although music is my strongest skill-set, I’m also ready and willing to contribute to that process in whatever way makes sense at any given moment, on any given project, even if it doesn’t put my music or musicality centerstage.

I hope you enjoy pursuing the audio and video examples that portray my means to this end thus far in my career of nearly 2 decades!

Thank you for stopping by! I'm really glad you're here.


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