“It’s easier to remember something if you turn it into a song.” 

G.T. Thomas has a jingle for just about every thing you can imagine (from bread going in to the toaster, to toast coming out of the toaster… and a whole world in between). Once you’ve heard one of these weird ditties, it will never leave your head – for better or for worse. 

What would happen if she applied that approach to *actually thoughtful* mantras, the kind that might even hold the magic to change life for the better, little by little, each time it’s hummed? 

For her upcoming album of nine, progressive lounge pop songs (coming out in Autumn 2019), G.T. Thomas set out to do just that. Her lyrics are often pulled from highlighted passages straight out of her daily writings – a recent practice she adopted to reframe everyday life in an empowering way. She hopes that by sharing these ideas and philosophies, the same will be possible for any likeminded people whose ears these songs will reach, either on the album or in her solo act that she’s currently developing. 

In the live embodiment of this new material, G.T. Thomas will accompany her soft, intense voice with bass (left hand) and synthesizers (right hand). It’s a mesmerizing, new spin on the one-woman band.


For information about G.T. Thomas' performances, recordings (including demos from the new album), and services provided in the past, knock yourself out exploring this website!

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