Catching up on some cool stuff that happened recently!

On the January 21st, I went to Kytopia in Utrecht, to record VIBRAPHONE parts for my new album. There was never any question who to ask for this task, Julien Moussiegt of course!! (Or “Moussie G.T.” as I like to call him, in an egocentric way of pulling everything back to myself.) He’s an excellent player and I’m so lucky to know him.

In this photo, we could imagine I am telling Julien, “My mistake, I wrote it as a B, but it’s actually a C flat.” 

I’ve been working on lots of my material with Julien for a few years now. He’s awesome because he has a really strong sense of pitch, interval, sight-reading, and playing by ear. So he’s a quick study and a great player. He played for basically 8 hours straight to “catch the vibes” on all 9 songs, and that makes him a superstar. Pulling off a one-man session of that length of time is EXHAUSTING and he played awesomely.

We also had the pleasure of working with sound engineer, Iwan van Wijk.

Iwan is a wiz with all things sound design (and beyond), and I was relieved as heck when he said he’d engineer this recording, inside the historic Kytopia main hall, before he and his fellow studio-inhabitants there all have to move out at the end of March!

Working with a great engineer makes my work as a producer so much nicer. This allows me to just focus on creative direction and conducting the session, and leave the technical details of the day in hands I knew I could trust.

What's even better yet is when the engineer has a deep sense of musicality himself. Iwan's ears are not just tuned in to the technical details, but also the emotion and rise and fall of the music. I'm thrilled that he's also going to be mixing my album later in the year, when we get to that stage.

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