In the past month something cool happened. There were 2 instances where my man got a text message from 2 different friends to say that they’d heard or seen *my* name mentioned somewhere in the media. The first was on a podcast called Yous & Yay. 

It was an interview with Benny Sings, who I’ve collaborated w/ several times in the past, and the interviewer, Pepijn Lanen (also known for Faberyayo and De jeugd van tegenwoordig) said that he had particularly dug some songs I worked on with Benny. Well, wouldn’t you know it, one of them called “Rebuilding the Omega Man” also happens to be one of my fave tracks I ever worked on with someone else. You can give it a listen if you want: bennysings.bandcamp.com/track/rebuilding-the-omega-man-2

It was pretty mindblowing for me- that an artist in such a different scene than me had A) ever heard of me/ knew of my involvement; and B) said he thought the songs Benny & I worked on were “suuuuuuper sick.”

So I just want to commemorate this flattering mention by sharing this “yay!” moment (pun intended) here in my blog, and saying THANK YOU to Pepijn, for the enthusiasm about those songs!

(Stay tuned for the story behind the 2nd random media mention: in Esquire Magazine!!)

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