About G.T. Thomas

Hey, I'm Gwen Thomas. Or as my dad once wrote on my middle school gym shirt for me: "G.T. Thomas."


I have a question for you – what colour is this, behind this text? Maybe it's blue? Or, maybe it's purple? It probably depends on what other colours it's held up next to.

That's exactly what I'm like, occupationally speaking.

Maybe I'm an artist.

But when you hold me up next to artists, I look a whole lot more like a musician since most of what I'm working on revolves around music. (And I'm talking about mostly good, old-fashioned song-ish music!)

So, maybe I'm a musician.

While it's true that most of my time is spent writing and performing my own songs (Singer // Songwriter), performing compositions on my synthesizer system (Synth), or doing work as a composer, vocalist, lyricist, producer, multi-instrumentalist for-hire (Music for Others)...

... my obsession with concepts goes farther than allows me to be categorized as the standard “career musician” you might be familiar with.


Transcribing concepts into musical form in a way that's more engaging and transformative for the listener than the traditional methods of songwriting/ recording/ performing tend to be… that’s what I strive for. What might this look like? 

→ A shadowbox triptych that has a musical accompaniment that, when the viewer sings along, a whole new layer of the artwork is revealed. 

→ An 8-week long story that unfolds, one song at a time, on the back of postcards with secret messages for you to decode, that impact the recording of the final song. 

→ A “Collage + Remixes” project where your collages dictate how I remix audio tracks, all of which will be gathered and exhibited as a collaborative artwork in an online gallery, right here on gtthomas.com. (The project is currently about to launch, so check it out to find out how to be involved!)

So, maybe I'm neither a musician nor an artist. Maybe I'm the periwinkle of occupations.

I'm a music-based artist.

And I'm glad you're here.


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