“When you want to stop recording, just press this button, okay?” 

A tiny voice states firmly back to her mother:

“I know how to do it!”

The cassette we're hearing played back –labeled “Gwen’s tape, age 4”– marks the start of G.T. Thomas’ long-standing practice of self-assuredly laying down all her biggest ideas on recorded format. 

This is significant. 

Because it’s true, G.T. Thomas is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and singer who’s certainly at ease in front of live audiences (as evidenced by her performances from to NYC, to Seattle, to Amsterdam, and beyond)...

And yes, for years she has gladly filled these shoes, as well as various session musician roles, in collaborations with artists on their projects (for example with Fleet Foxes, Benny Sings, The Metropole Orchestra, and so many others)...

But ever since she first developed her own recording studio during her Bachelor’s study in composition (early 2000s), it’s from within that space that her own artistic vision gets to take the wheel.

And that’s where it becomes evident that there really is something G.T. Thomas knows how to do that only G.T. Thomas knows how to do, and must do. The layers-upon-layers of sunshine-pop influenced vocals (inspired by her studies with her mentor Chris Dedrick, of The Free Design), underscored by inventive arrangements including elements like vibraphone, percussion, synthesizers, and drum sequences...

G.T. Thomas knows how to do it.


— Van Dyke Parks (Composer, Arranger)


9 new tracks

In November, 2018, G.T. Thomas crossed everything off her agenda and challenged herself instead to spend every waking hour writing and recording a new song from scratch every few days for the entire month. She posted the results in real-time on Instagram.

It's been 7 years since the release of her debut album, and 4 years since her most recent single. In that time, she has played many shows and collaborated with dozens of artists. But the lack of new recordings started to feel like a bit of a black hole, and this didn't reflect the vivid fluorescence she feels inside.

She named the challenge "NOVAVEMBER" so the project might inspire her to become like a nova : 

To shine with a sudden increase in brightness, all month long.

Setting out to have 9 new songs by the end, she achieved her goal.

TheSE NEW RECORDINGS solidifY G.T. Thomas' identity as a PROGRESSIVE LOUNGE artist.

"I hope the 3 previews I shared here get you excited about the album I'll be releasing in 2019, consisting of all the songs that sprang forth out of Novavember! Sign up for emails from me to get updates about this, including some free downloads I'll make available soon to subscribers."
  ~ Gwen

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