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VIDEO: Fun for special occasions like Zoom Birthdays or just to send to a friend as a nice surprise – get a PERSONALIZED GREETING and LIVE PERFORMANCE of the song of your choice from the list pictured (also listed below).

– Delivered within 72 hours of your order, shot in one take (so you may get a one-of-a-kind squeak of the voice or other slight imperfection, but that's the joy of a live performance, right?!)

When you place your order, in the NOTES section, please fill in the following blanks*:

1) The SONG you would like me to perform is ________________

2) THE NAME you want for me to address in the video is ________________

3) The TYPE OF OCCASION being celebrated is ________________

*If you neglect to fill in this info, I will contact you to get it from you at the email address associated with your purchase, and can't proceed until you reply, therefore your order may take a bit longer to be completed. If I don't hear back from you within 1 business week of reaching out, I will refund your money. By placing this order, you agree to these terms.

... FULL ONE-WOMAN-BAND RIG SONGS: • 11:11 • Colours • Edges • Future Moving • One of Us • Our First Day • Shut a Mouth • Wants to Want To

... BASS + VOICE ONLY SONGS: • Backwards Money • Edge of the World • Expressions • Iron in the Ground • Slippery Rocks • Static • Tape It

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