Music for Others

As a freelance musician, G.T. Thomas (aka Gwen Thomas; Gwendolyn Thomas) has collaborated with Fleet Foxes, The Metropole Orchestra, Benny Sings, Bauer, GOSTO, members of Steely Dan, The B-52s, The Free Design, Pedro the Lion, and more.

Below, find out about the more than 30 recorded releases (albums, singles, commercials, film scores) she's worked on over the last decade, as a composer, producer, vocalist, lyricist, and/or multi-instrumentalist.

For new clients, she currently offers services as a COMPOSER // PRODUCER (a composer who also produces completed recordings of said compositions) for art installations and film. Return clients may feel free to reach out about any service she has offered you in the past.


Table of Recorded Works

Role abbreviations: 
Ai = arranging (instruments) 
Av = arranging (vocals) 
B = bass 
C = composing/ songwriting 
Clo = cello 
F = flute 
K = keys/ piano 
L = lyric writing 
P = producing 
Seq = Sequencing / Beats 
Sy = synths 
V = vocals 
* The table reflects only Thomas' participation –big or small– not any of the other talented artists who worked hard on these projects. Gem illustrations fill in where no poster or album art could be found to share.

Composer // Producer For HirE

Gwen Thomas (B.A. Music Theory and Composition, 2004, Seattle Pacific University), held two “Composer in Residence” positions by the age of 22, then carried out a one-on-one apprenticeship in composing, songwriting, orchestration, and producing under master film score composer Chris Dedrick (2007 - 2010, Toronto).

Since 2008, she scores and fully produces music and soundscapes, combining orchestral/ symphonic influences from classic Hollywood, with inventive vocal harmonies, and electronic elements. Her work in film, ads, and art installations has been heard around the world.

[Gwen] did a great job in understanding what my music needed and what I prefer when choosing sounds that I think suit my music ... I still enjoy listening to ... the tasteful details and dimensions she added.”

— Tamara van Esch (aka Mevrouw Tamara)