G.T. Thomas – Dutch Modular Fest STREAM DAY

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Dutch Modular Fest Stream Day 2020 in our COVID-19 proof version of the annual Dutch Modular Fest. On Saturday the 29th of August we will bring you a full day of modular synth goodness via a live stream from TAC Eindhoven. We have compiled a great program with excellent performances and product presentations by synth manufacturers. With a few exceptions, everything will be live broadcasted and moderated from TAC for that great festival feeling. We have teamed up with some great artists and module makers to present you with a nice overview of the current state of affairs in modular synthesizer land.

Live performances by - Mike Lee Birds - JacqNoise (Jacq Ueline) & Magnetrixx - Dirge Seçil Kuran - G.T. Thomas - LudoWic - Max Frimout & Kyra Frimout - Re#sister - Cengiz Arslanpay - Mieke van Dam

Presentations by - Erica Synths - Paul T Schreiber of Synthesis Technology - Threetom Modular Synthesizers - Tasty Chips Electronics - Majella Audio - XOR Electronics - Joranalogue Audio Design - ReBach - Gijs Gieskes The time table is in the making and will be communicated later, as will be the streaming link. We hope to see you all online!