Nate Wood - fOUR /and/ G.T. Thomas at Splendor, Amsterdam - POSTPONED.

Splendor, Amsterdam, Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 116, 1011 LX, Amsterdam


Nate Wood’s new project, fOUR, is truly an ambitious take on going solo.

Here, Wood, who is no stranger to working with other musicians (for example Wayne Krantz, The Calling, Chaka Khan, and as a core member of Grammy-nominated jazz collective Kneebody, among many more), is playing everything —analog synths, drums, and bass, while sometimes adding vocals— at the same time. “That’s why it’s called fOUR, because it’s me with four limbs playing four instruments at once,” says Wood.

Musically, fOUR veers from complex, space-y prog rock to electronic-tinged instrumentals. The project certainly touches upon all aspects of Wood’s career (jazz, improv, rock, singer-songwriter) and influences (long-time favorite Aphex Twin in particular).

Says Wood: “Technology now is so amazing, you can make a perfectly edited record on an iPhone. So I wanted to strip away all the tools and crutches of modern music, get rid of laptops and keep it raw. I think it makes for a richer experience in the long run.”

Currently, fOUR has released a number of viral videos on YouTube and Facebook (where some of the clips have topped one million views) – they’ve all been recorded in one pass with no overdubs, click track or pre-recorded backing tracks.

fOUR’s first full length record “” was released in the summer of 2018, following with a performance on NPRs “Tiny Desk” in January 2019. Since then, fOUR has been touring around the globe.

“I want to tour a lot and hopefully make fOUR my main project,” says Wood, before ending with a big understatement. “I certainly don’t want to limit myself musically.”

Note from G.T. Thomas: "I first discovered Nate Wood's project fOUR about two months after I started to dabble in simultaneously playing bass, synths, and singing, myself.

"Finding someone doing the complicated thing (and absolutely knocking it out of the park) that I was exploring was motivating beyond words, because... it demonstrated to me that it could really (really!) be done.

"What followed was one of the most transformational years in my music career. I took a break from providing music for other people's projects in order to trust my own creative vision. I got my first studio out of the house, booked my first solo tour, and started a practice regime I'm a little embarrassed to admit I'd not yet attempted in my entire 20-year career. Through all this, I've become more confident than I've been in a long time about the musical path I'm on.

"It's a dream to get to share a bill with the artist who has been so motivating for me and I can't wait to transform that energy into this performance for you all on May 9!"