On 9 Aug, 2019, I documented my whole day on video – you can see the chapter-list overview for a feel of what it consisted of! 

0:00: Morning routine

1:23: Commute to studio

2:06: Writing and Meditation

2:55: Secret Announcement

3:16: Instagram Photoshoot

4:12: Practice Songs

6:25: Korg Volca Drum mini-tutorial 

8:36: Commute home

9:31: Recap

Here's the link to watch it: instagram.com/p/B1COV_HhhjA/

But... what’s NOT listed in that chapter list isss: bumble bees, deer, pigeon, mouse (hands and voice) and a lot of GOOFINESS, as that is my standard modus operandi. This is the first time I feel like I've made a video for online where my ACTUAL personality is really accurately depicted! I'm very happy about this.

My personal favourite part is the MINI-TUTORIAL that I included about *recording motion* on my drum machine.

It made me wonder if I’d kind of like doing video tutorials. Should I make more?? (NOTE that if I did, they wouldn’t be this choppy. I really needed to shave seconds off to get my 1 hr 17 min of footage down to less than 10 min.)

ENJOY! And please let me know your favourite part of the day you spend with me, and why, and if you do any of the same things I do during the day!!

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