Remember when I was at that artist residency in Woodstock last summer? And how I was loaned a wee, teensy bassie to play while there? And I discovered it was not only possible but also *easy* to play it at the same time as I played on my Moog Mother-32s?

Well, that was an Ibanez Mikro bass, aaand... I've picked up one for me, for keeps!

This bass will also be a part of my new solo act, currently in development, obligatory “stay tuned” ;) (That’s what *she* said- to her new bass!!!)

Also, you'll see me accidentally being all matchy-matchy with my new Korg Minilogue!!

This instrument, too, is a delight – and exactly what I needed for my G.T. Thomas solo act, version 2.0, which I’m currently developing for shows later this year. I will be sharing a lot more info about all of this over the coming weeks and months on social media, as it’s becoming my primary focus for work in my new music studio.

These shot were taken at home, not in the studio - right after these particular pieces of gear arrived in the mail. Hence the sweatsuit. But... I like the look a lot, and I’m seriously considering this as my live outfit. You heard it here first, folks!

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