This man right here has impacted my life and motivated me to a degree that is usually reserved for one’s closest friends and mentors. I realize that may seem a little weird. But it’s okay because i think maybe I’m just a little weird, so weird’s my normal and I’m used to it. 

It was a dream come true to shake his hand. To be able to tell him he’s my fave. To talk a little 1940s sci-fi with him. To thank him. To experience him in his realness in that moment. And to get/ give a little side squeeze for this photo. DF: Thanks for making time for me, and for all the IDEAS and muuusic!!!


Here we are, talking A.E. van Vogt after the Steely Dan show in Dublin last night.

Yesterday, I graduated up a level in what I view as “the school of my soul’s own carefully sought after lessons”: the school of getting myself into a place in my life, where it would make sense/ be any kind of *organic* development for me to exchange words with this huge source of inspiration to me.

Since I was 12, this man’s work has been shaping my brains. Not only have his musical creations massively influenced the way I process and write *music*, but he has also had a tremendous impact on the development of my intellect, humour, types of relationships I’ve formed, career choices – all of which, I’m sure most people can agree, are things that ultimately play a significant role in a person’s outlook, experience of life, and sense of purpose.

13 years ago, sitting in a friend’s kitchen, I had a sudden realization of the fact I had been unconsciously assuming that I would one day meet the guy. In that moment, it struck me as a strange thing to assume… why would little old me (then 24 and not very sure which way my life nor music career was headed at that stage) ever be worthy of such an honour?

But as I explained my realization out loud to my friend, his reply came very quickly and matter of factly: “You will.”

From that day forward, I consciously resolved that –since I had a confirmation that I would certainly one day meet my hero– I would need to start living up to my potential. I needed to stay on top of my game and work my butt off to make sure I’d be the kind of songwriter and all-round artist for whom it wouldn’t be totally absurd to exchange words with someone of Donald’s talent and stature.

Yesterday I graduated from “little old me” to organically growing my life into a moment like this.


I'll leave you with two photos of the 🔝 swag I brought home from this jaunt.

I got the Steely Dan t-shirt. (Weirdly it’s my FIRST! I just never found a style that spoke to me like this one! Does this make me a Show Biz Kid??) A tote. An after-show guest pass. Aaaand, supremely outdoing all of the above... An autograph from Donald in my second edition copy of “World of Null A.”

This book started me on my self-imposed assignment of reading my way through a list of books I’d compiled over the years – all titles and names Donald has referred to in print and interviews.

This and the other books helped me feel like I was gleaning some of the concepts and stories that shaped my hero, thereby letting it mutate into something new within me, and helping perpetuate his influence on me in yet another nutty way. 🥜🌰

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