I just found out an album I performed a little bit on has just been released, and it is absolutely chock FULL of great songs – definitely for lovers of hits from the 60s/ 70s (like me!).

It's the project of two dear friends and musicians extraordinaire –AG Berg and Ken Maiuri– over on the East Coast of the US. It was a blast, and not only do I just love these guys, but I also feel so lucky I got to be involved with their talent once again.

You can find the album "C'mon C'mon" by K & A Surplus on Spotify or Bandcamp to listen to and aborb the good vibes!

To make matters even cooler, I was delighted to discover that another guest musician on their album is a guy by the name of Connor Kennedy. Connor is a quite recent addition to the Steely Dan band. And, well, unless you're totally brand spanking new around these parts, you probably know why this is of interest to me and feels worth mentioning.

Although I haven't met him, it feels amazing to find myself yet again –how to describe it?– in converging circles... or grazing elbows... or sharing some point in some path of some one or thing that's connected to the music that's been my #1 source of inspiration and generally just a very strong guiding light since I was just a kid.

Maybe I should stop being so surprised and excited when this happens, since it's been honestly a become a bit of a recurring theme for me, in various ways, some more subtle than others. But it still feels like a total miracle to me every single time, that persistence and devotion to doing my music the way I do it, and then following and responding to resonance when it arises, keeps allowing for cool things like this to pop up for me.

I'm feeling super grateful, so I just wanted to share this with you today, all while hopefully spreading some good music around. Do check the album, it sounds awesome.

Anyway, finding out about this other artist being a guest on the album too gives me an encouraging BOOST to keep going. And keep going I shall. Two weeks ago, I received the finished master of my new album (coming out in NOVEMBER!) and just yesterday the artwork was finalized! It's becoming really, really real now, even though self-releasing is always like... totally riddled with moments of doubt and wondering how in the HECK you're going to pull it off.

One thing that would really help me out with this in fact, is if you'd consider doing a kind of "pre-order" option that's available for the album by clicking here. This would help me fund the last steps of getting the thing made physical, while simultaneously securing you your own copy when it's ready to ship out. Win/ win!

Meanwhile, I hope that you, too, keep on plugging in and devoting time and energy to what matters most to you, and the people you resonate with the most. I hope that for you –as it does for me– it delivers you with the highly rewarding, pure joy of gooooood alignment in all that we're up to!!

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