We need to talk about highlighters. 
My obsession with them. My gratitude for the vividness they add to my life. My noticing that the more I let myself love them unapologetically and enthusiastically, the more of them show up for me, creating a vivid-spiral (the opposite of a vicious-spiral) of gratitude for a thing causing the thing to show up more for me. 

This featured image reads “Highlighters Past Memory Saturation Present.” I have been writing a lot lately, at least 20 min if not 120 min every day. In order to pick out the useful tidbits from whatever I wrote, to let those positively impact my day, I have to do a bit of wading through the wandering gibberish thoughts. This is exactly what I like to do the next day: I go through and highlight the good stuff. The result? 

A page saturated with bright thoughts and described lived experience of good vibes and feelings generated the day before (past memories) – the ones I want to stick with me in my today (saturating my present). 

I wanted to share about my “highlighterishness” today because I realized that being a highlighter (one who highlights) is SO important to me and my artistic practice at this moment, that I’m going ahead and CALLING IT as my “word of the year” for 2019. 

Being a highlighter doesn’t mean I only pay attention to the highlights and pretend the lowlights don’t exist. It means being decisive about what memories from the past I want to turn into my present by letting them saturate the “page” of my thoughts today. Where you put your focus, there goes your energy. I want my energy on the amazing highlights, since I’ve personally proven to myself that that creates more of that stuff, and less of the stuff I didn’t like. 

What you put your attention on (“highlighting” something in your life) amplifies that thing. Like a bright yellow line across it. It technically didn’t change in size or volume, but it stands out and grabs your attention more. Then that thing is more noticeable the next day. So you see it again, and relive all the feelings and thoughts attached to it. That’s why my love of highlighters just keeps growing each day and why I am proud to be a highlighter.

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