👋🏻BYE-TOPIA! Today, the fine folks at Kytopia in Utrecht removed the sign from the building they’ve occupied with their music/ creative studios for quite some time. I took this selfie a few weeks ago when I was there attending an AVID workshop. The night before, I’d attended the last ever edition (to occur in this venue) of Modulation (a synth event I’ve been attending for 2+ years and performed at once).

I wanted to share this photo today, just to inform everybody that, even though they took down the sign from this building, it’s not the end of Kytopia. They found a location to temporarily relocate the studios to, and business will carry on more or less as usual for those creative inhabitants, in the new location! 🤘🏻💗✨🎶

AND- my own exciting news is that – I get to move in with them!!

Over half a year ago, during some personal goal-setting, I declared to myself that April 2019 would be the first month I would have a studio out of my house. (In the 16 years I’ve had been building my music studio, it finally felt like time.) Only prob was I had no leads!

I’d actually been looking much longer, but with no set deadline because in Amsterdam, everything is mega expensive or with a bunch of people who aren’t really thrilled that you play music near them, or if it IS a spot specifically for music it’s really grody in some way (usu. crappy, smelly spaces reminiscent of a practice space).

I feel that, somehow, by putting a deadline on it, I actually made myself more likely to find something suitable. I took my April 1 date seriously, and now not only do I get a studio, but it’s with the cool Kytopians I’ve been getting to know and like for the past couple years!!! I’m really excited! 🍾🎉🎸🎛🎤

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