My name was mentioned in the media in a couple places, recently. Last time I wrote about the mention on the Yous & Yay podcast interview with Benny Sings. Today, I get to share about my name in an Esquire (Netherlands) article, by Vanessa Oostijen (who –if she happens to read this– I ask to please read on for a correction to an error in your reporting). 

The article featured Colin Benders– the man behind Kytopia, where I've had a studio since April.

From my studio, I'm producing my album (due in Nov) & prepping my live act for a US tour as one-woman-band on synth, bass, drum machine, & vocals. 

Having a studio outside my home for the 1st time in my 20 year music career has been a game-changer! The amount of focus I’m able to give to my work has skyrocketed.

It also enables me to be in routine contact w/ my mix engineer for the album: Iwan van Wijk (also situated in Kytopia). We were working on the mix when Ms. Oostijen was researching her article.

Unfortunately, without running it by us, she inaccurately reported that Iwan was producing, while referring to me as “singer Gwen Thomas.” 

So, for the record: 
G.T. Thomas is the producer of that album. Iwan van Wijk is mix engineer. 

I don't usually call myself "a singer" as my title, since A) there are others with that emphasis working much harder to be recognized for that skill than I am; & B) my focus is on production and being an all-round musician. 

Is it still the case that in 2019, in a music collab between a man & a woman, it's assumed that the man "must be" the one in charge? Maybe so, maybe not. Either way: it would’ve been good for Esquire to confirm our roles with us before printing with this outdated stereotype rearing its head.*

Nonetheless, I reframe this experience as A WIN. Because!: 
If I hadn’t spent the last two years establishing myself as a worthy musician/ synthestist/ music producer/ performer on par with any of the other Kytopians - and moved my work to my studio in that building, I wouldn't have been there when research on the article took place at all. 

It‘s my own hard work that got me in the room so my name wound up mentioned in Esquire.😎


If more women were recognized for the work they do in this field when they do it, then the less of a novelty it would get reduced to being. 

The longer we perceive it to be novelty, the more upheld the stereotype remains – in a vicious (and completely unnecessary) circle. 

So that's why in the media, proper crediting of women is so important, and when it's not done properly it is so stunting.

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