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Tracks from last week on Songwriters Guild Live! 

I was on Songwriters Guild Live for the second time on May 24th, already 8 days ago! Wow, well, I for sure wanted to get a few links into the stream of latest activities here. These are the songs I performed this time around:


Edge of the World

Backwards Money

Slippery Rocks


I'll thank Ro Halfhide, the host of the show, once again. He's a very hospitable and well-prepared host and I really enjoyed the opportunity to come back! Lastly, here's the highlights from the interview portion of the show:



It was a really whackily busy few weeks, so I've got more I can share with you shortly. Swing back by soon for more audio and/or video or hop on my mailing list to make sure you don't miss it.

Songwriters Guild Live was fun. Let's do it again! 

Last week, I had the great pleasure of playing several of my bass + voice solo G.T. Thomas tunes on the "Songwriters Guild Live" program, here in Amsterdam. Today I extracted my 3 songs from the show and have added them to the Singer // Songwriter part of the My Music page. But you can also check them out right here:

Iron in the Ground

Static (aka Request)



In fact, it was such a rad occasion, the host invited me to come back for more this week, and I said HECKYEAH! So I've added it to my calendar. It'll be more live tunes, and more chat about my latest interactive music-based artwork:

Thursday, 4-5pm (Amsterdam time; 7-8am West Coast USA; 10-11am East Coast USA).

Listen live at the facebook page for Songwriters Guild Live or at the Salto website.

Hope you'll tune in!