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Communication Starts Here 

As I start a brand new website, with a brand new blog feature on it (ooh-la-la), I am making a commitment to anyone joining me here, at square 1:
I am committing to being a much better communicator.

I'm committing to really doing my part to help anyone who visits my site, or comes to a show, or listens to a recording I was involved in (etc) to understand the WHY behind what I'm doing over here. How can I expect anyone to be interested in keeping up with any given project I've got my hands in if I don't communicate with you the reason *I* am interested in any given project?

Clearer communication: This may sound like an obvious thing that anyone should be committed to but that's not always the case in the art world. A lot of people live by their mysteriousness.

But for me, there's plenty of room for mystery in YOUR encounter with the works of music and art I'm involved in – I don't need to be concerned that I'll muddle that up by having shared the joy, wonder, or curiosity that was sparked in me by having been involved in creating it.

In the past, however, sharing those positive vibes wasn't the foremost thing on my mind. When I attempted to express what I was up to, I desperately wanted to make it easy for people to "follow along," by showing my activities through one lens or another at a time (e.g., "This month, I'm a recording artist;" "Now I'm a composer;" "Look at me being someone who plays show," etc.)

I'm aware just how much I've been selling us ALL short by thinking I needed to water it down that way. That must come across as such an uninspired, flit-about manner of doing things. It would've been more effective and more interesting to share more about the WHY behind the gigs I take on! So you could get excited to see what shape things would come in for me next.

So starting today, I'll be more communicative about what actually IS my bigger-picture vision for my life and work.

How do I coordinate the areas of my work (Music-Based Art, My Music, and Other People's Music) toward that larger, overarching vision?

It's very simple, actually!

I'm basically constantly on the look out for something that feels like the moment when I was a kid when I realized the garden sprinkler could also make RAINBOWS. My larger objective in my music career is to basically try to recreate that feeling. I try to use my creative abilities to foster awe and wonder, directly or indirectly. In my experience, I'm most likely to do this in the three areas I'm currently pursuing, and sharing about here on my website.

What's been most fun in all my years pursuing just this type of sensation is those really electric moments when I notice that, while I'm chasing my rainbows, in turn I'VE become a bit like the sprinkler... watering my own projects to see them grow, and all the while generating a rainbow that other people (maybe yourself included) could enjoy, be surprised or inspired by, or just experience some awe and wonder of your own, as a result!

It is extremely exciting when that happens, and it truly does feel like a win/ win.

And I have developed quite a radar for the types of resonances that point me toward certain gigs, and away from others, in order to get into situations and projects that are the most likely to lead to this kind of win/ win scenario.

And I intend to celebrate these win/ wins more loudly and inclusively, too, as a result of my improved communication – sharing all about that stuff as it happens, too!

With that in mind, I commit to communicating better about what G.T. Thomas is all about, and making it easier to understand that "why" behind my work makes it easier to follow along with all the hither and tither I do between the areas of work that I am mostly involved in. And to get excited about them with me. I hope this allows me and my work to have a more positive impact on the people who grace me with their presence and attention.


Thanks for being one of those people!